Collection: Candles & Wax Melts

Our candles are hand poured and made from a para-soy wax. Our customers love this wax blend as it has a great fragrance throw both hot or cold. We pour in small batches and take great pride in producing a quality product for our customers. We have the option of choosing either a 9 oz. candle or a 16 oz. candle. The 9 oz. candle has an approximate burn time of 45-50 hours while the 16 oz. has an approximate burn time of 100 hours.

Our wax melts are pure soy wax and heavily scented. They are poured into containers that provide you with 6 small cubes. Each cube last approximately 20 hours. 

Our air fresheners are heavily scented and have a piece of twine string to attach it to your desired location. Each air freshener is made to order so it is fresh and has lost no fragrance while sitting on a shelf.