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Cricothyrotomy Trainer

Cricothyrotomy Trainer

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First Responders, doctors, and other medical personnel who need to stay proficient in performing a cricothyrotomy can easily go through 100's of expensive replacement skins in a year, driving up costs.

Most people in the profession have seen the alternative training aids made of various items including ventilator tubing, tape, and other items that one could find on the shelf.

No doubt homemade cric trainers have served their purpose. But if you're looking to replace your homemade Cric trainer with something more durable, easier to use, and still affordable, this is a great tool to use. 

You can use the box to hold all of the tools and instruments needed to perform the training. 

Each item comes with a velcro buckle strap that wraps around the training system to secure it all together and (1) cric neck overlay. There is a vide on the recommended use of the trainer also here for you to view. 



You can also purchase extra cric neck overlays here as well if you were to cut or break one. Those come in a pack of (2). Available in the drop down menu. 


Disclaimer: We do have written permission from the copyright owner to 3D print this item and sell. 

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