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Car Diffuser Air Freshener

Car Diffuser Air Freshener

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Car Diffuser Air Freshener - the perfect accessory to spice up your car's interior! Our scent diffusing air fresheners emit a powerful and undiluted fragrance to keep your car smelling fresh for 4+ weeks, depending on how often you refresh your diffuser. With a variety of scents to choose from, you can personalize your driving experience and enjoy the pleasant scent of your choice. The bottle is easy-to-use and hangs perfectly from your rear view mirror.

1. Unscrew the wood cap, and carefully remove plastic stopper.

2. Replace the cap, and screw back on until tight and secure. Do not over-tighten.

3. Tilt the diffuser upside down, and hold upside down for about 5 seconds until the top of the cap becomes saturated. Please do not allow cap to become over saturated or scent oil may drip down onto your car. If this occurs, please wipe up immediately, fragrance oil will stain fabrics and may also stain or leave marks on plastic surfaces. You can also replace the stopper on your air freshener after saturating the cap for extra precaution if you desire. 

Repeat to recharge your diffuser as needed. These last 4+ weeks and our customers love them. 

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